VHPIT VHP Isolation Technologies

The Barrier Isolators type VHPIT is designed in order to grant the sterile handling and transfer of products throughout the Process Equipment.

Process Features:

Pre-selected and custom made programs for any need. The process of sterilization/decontamination by Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) is developed by our Automation Department following the current codes/standards. Low-temperature process for bio-decontamination of small and sealed enclosures such as isolators, biological safety cabinets, and small pass-through chambers used in research, biological safety, and production applications. The output of VHP is between 1 to12 grams/min by a dedicated cartridge. The device is provided with a desiccant system which is regenerated separately from the unit. The system is of closed-loop type to dehumidify, sterilize and aerate the space. The unit is provided with a pressure control system to allow the sterilization of small enclosures (gloves, valves, etc.) and flexible walls of isolators.