STCS Supervisory, Traceability and Control Systems

The Supervisory, Traceability, and Control Systems type STCS are designed in order to grant the complete automation of the Process Equipment.

Process Features:

LAST i Smart. Fast, efficient, and reliable. All know-how on the process that holds LAST has been squeezed to obtain a concentrate of simplicity that allows the use of a production-oriented system also to personnel who approach the system for the first time. LAST iProcess will manage all user level for a quick and friendly interface to operators with different skills.

LAST iProcess. Develop your process. The engineering of LAST iProcess is such as to make it cross-platform and easily configurable in terms of architecture. It thus becomes of secondary importance the choice among the giants of process and automation which relies LAST iProcess its potential. Siemens, Rockwell Automation, Mitsubishi, Endress+Hauser, Pepperl+Fuchs, Eurotherm Chessell, Honeywell, Yokogawa, etc. Those are just some of the top brands on which LAST iProcess is installed and tested. The development of such a platform is on timely and continuous basis.

All applications can be equipped with LAST iHMI, an ergonomic panel installed on all machines that allow the use and management as a simple appliance by anyone. Enable or add options and modules according to the different demands is the basis of LAST iProcess.

Add the electronic signature and remove the printer, remove the panel and use integrated supervision, manage historicization bases relational databases or text files, print to paper or PDF file, historicize locally, or on LAST iCloud are just a few examples of potential modulated of LAST iProcess.

LAST iNet. High-level intelligence. LAST iNet is a distributed intelligence that has its roots in all the key points of the process. All the vital functions of the process are interconnected with each other via high-speed communication and ensure that the latest generation of determinism and exchange of information without any loss of information. Protocols such as Ethernet / IP, Profinet, CC-Link IE are the fibber of communication to achieve integration. Wireless communications with a high safety profile make reliable and engaging troubleshooting platforms more efficient and popular on the market as smartphones and pads.

LAST iGreen. Less energy, more process. The whole process will be managed with the latest technology in terms of energy management. Input transducers and devices to modulate the higher absorption during the process to avoid unnecessary energy dissipations and consumption. Not any more ON/OFF commands but the widespread use of high-performance servo-drives. Efficiency is an essential part of the process.