ETO Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers

The Sterilizers type ETO are designed for sterilization by Ethylene Oxide of heat sensitive products such as plastic syringes, perfusion sets, dialysis cartridges, heat sensitive rubber products and special surgical instruments.


Process Features : 

Pre-selected and custom-made programs for any need. The machine process is developed by our Automation Department following the current codes/standards and type of product to be processed. Vacuum or Pressure leak test, Program for conditioning of products, Program for sterilization in pressure, Program for sterilization in vacuum, Program for degassing of product, Program for gas neutralization, etc. The ETO is injected into the chamber through a PID controlled valve at a temperature of approx. 60° C and the condensate is continuously evacuated through the drain for guaranteeing an excellent distribution of the heat during all sterilization phase (temperature deviation below ± 1 °C).