DHS Dry Heat Sterilizers

The Dry Heat Sterilizers type DHS is designed for sterilization and depyrogenation by hot air in Class 100 (ISO 5) of empty glass containers such as vials, ampoules, bottles, and stainless steel parts. The inactivation and destroying of micro-organisms is by means of dry heat at 260 °C maintained for a controlled period of time.

Process Features

Pre-selected and custom made programs for any need. The machining process is developed by our Automation Department following the current codes/standards and type of product to be processed. The Dry Heat Sterilizers type DHS is designed to be ISO 14664-1 comply (formal Class 100 for US Federal Standard 209 E) up to a temperature of 260 °C. Class 100 is guaranteed during the entire cycle (heating, sterilizing/depyrogenation, and cooling phases). LAST is proving such performances during the FAT by measuring the particle contains during the entire cycle (especially during the cooling phase which is the most critical due to expansion and retraction of the frames and filters). The system also guarantees an excellent distribution of the heat during all sterilization/depyrogenation phase (temperature deviation below ± 2 °C).