Weighing & Sampling Booths

This type of downflow booth is highly effective for safe handling of powders and volatile substances, propagating continuosly inside a work area during activities as weighing , dispensing or sampling of pharmaceutical substances. 

Our booths are available in a wide range of standard dimensions to meet most of requests . Alternatively , customised solutions are designed according to specifc customer’s requirments. 

Options and special realization : 

  • Produced in stainless steel Aisi 316L
  • Cooling coil with thermoregulation system
  • ATEX execution
  • Stainless steel side walls with visual windows
  • Support legs in stainless steel
  • Connection points for compressed air or technical gases
  • Complete range of stainless steel equipment such as: perforated table for LAF, weighing table, manipulator for handling systems…
  • Customization and personalised products
  • Dehumidifying system
  • Flow equalization (+/- 2% on the filtering surface)
  • Underbench lighting with sodium lamps
  • Vacuum gripping for cleaning station
Safety Mode :

All models are available in “Safety” version, with BAG-IN/BAG-OUT system for changing filters and safety canister.
BAG-IN/BAG-OUT system is designed in order to protect the operator from medium-high activity substances during the filters replacement phase.