VHP Pass Box H2O2

The Pass Box with VHP (vaporized hydrogen peroxide)  a bio-decontamination system is suitable to sterilize thermolabile products. It is entirely manufactured in stainless steel AISI 316L , with roughness degree Ra < 0.6 and materials compatible with vaporized hydrogen peroxide.

Material bio decontamination is ensured by a VHP generator , TDP model.

14b PiBi HVP - Copy

TDP Sterilization system with hydrogen peroxide

TDP is an hydrogen peroxide generator, suitable for biodecontamine containment areas such as Pass Boxes, isolators, lyophilizes, etc..

The basic concepts on the basis of which TDP project  has been developed is the achievement of the objective with the minimum effort and lowest energy consumption , not to damage the environment.

The reduction of a bacterial load with vaporized H2O2 is a widely employed technique in different fields: pharmaceutical, biotechnological, food, hospital.

Vaporized hydrogen peroxide generators are specific to sterilize thermo labile products, to decontamine work areas or air conditioning systems to ensure the operators safety , to decontamine emergency units such as rescue helicopters or ambulances and to protect NBC units.

TDP Tecninox