MISTY Decontamination Shower

Misty decontamination shower operates through the action of water spray which dampens the operator clothing  (generally made in Tyvek),to adhere powders, without getting him wet.

This helps to prevent any propagation of the dangerous particulate outside the isolated area.

The highly effective strategy to achieve this purpose is to saturate quickly the area inside the shower, spraying water drops of 5-10 micron to wet the surfaces and create water ‘’ pearls ‘’ on the clothing.

Depending on the contact time under the shower , water drops keep growing until they softly roll down along the clothing.


Decontamination water shower has two different operation modes:

1-WET FOG MODE – standard mode, for typical conditions of exposure to active powders. The operator uses the shower spraying  the water (drops of 5-10 µ) and saturating the area , to contain volatile  powders and allow the safe exit.

2-RAIN MODE – occasional use in conditions  of exposure to an excessive quantity of  active powders. The operator uses the shower generating  such  a rain (drops of 50 µ )  to allow the complete  washing of the clothing