Super Seal™ Max High Speed Induction Cap Sealing

The Super Seal™ Max induction cap sealer creates a hermetic seal that prevents leaks, preserves freshness & shelf life while providing tamper evidence at performance levels never before possible. Enercon’s engineers designed this sealer specifically for high-speed packaging lines & challenging applications.

Its touch screen interface with one-click-away navigation intuitively unlocks a host of features that packagers love. Cap inspection & container rejection operations are fully integrated, supervisory password security ensures proper operating settings and recipe management enables repeatable results for each container setup.

A full complement of bottle & foil counts, internal monitoring of all critical operating data, descriptive fault information, troubleshooting support, universal voltage input compatibility (200-240V), remote and local control modes and network connectivity make this the industry’s most powerful and comprehensive induction cap sealer.

Induction Sealer Features:
  • Maximum sealing power for challenging applications.
  • An intuitive touch screen simplifies setup & operation.
  • Password-protected settings and recipe management.
  • Optional network connectivity, inspection and rejection systems.
  • A stainless steel enclosure, IP65 – safe for wash down.
  • Universal input voltage compatibility (200V through 240V).