RP-E Two Dihedral rigid

SAGICOFIM RP-E high efficiency rigid bag filters, tested in accordance with regulation EN 779/2012, EUROVENT certified.

Efficiency classes M6-F7-F8-F9.

The RP-E two-dihedral series has been designed for use in systems where filters are replaced at predetermined times in accordance with a scheduled maintenance programme.

Used in APU (Air Processing Units) for: Clean Rooms, Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Laboratories, Food and Beverage, Laminar flow.


  • High reliability.
  • Reduced depth size.
  • Higher mechanical resistance than soft bags.
  • Can be interchanged with soft bags using the same frame.
  • Longer service life than soft bags.
  • Does not release any fibres downstream of the system, even under arduous operating conditions.
  • Full range of efficiencies.