Single Pot Processor VAC 150-2000

Mixing, granulating and drying under vacuum in the production scale

The DIOSNA Single Pot Processors is designed for the production of wet granulates and following drying under vacuum. During drying, the carrier gas (compressed air or nitrogen) is added and finely distributed. The mixing tool is equipped with a scraper that runs near the wall. With this, also such products can be dried fast and easily that tend to form deposits on the heated wall.

Advantages : 

  • Gentle addition of carrier gas
  • High drying speed by scraping along the wall
  • Also suitable for very strongly sticking products
  • Automatically actuated lid
  • Two heating zones (lid and bowl)
  • Industrial PC, compliant with 21CFR Part 11, with remote maintenance
  • Highly efficient design of tools and bowl made by DIOSNA