The IST-120 induction sealer uses a non-contact method of heating a metallic disk to hermetically seal the top of plastic and glass containers. The sealing process takes place after the container has been filled and capped. The containers simply pass under the electromagnetic field created by induction sealing head as they keep moving on the conveyor. An electromagnetic current is induced into the foil layer of the inner seal and heats it. The heated foil melts the wax layer, which is absorbed into the pulp board, releasing the foil from the pulp board. The foil melts the polymer, bonding the foil over the container’s mouth and creating a hermetic seal.

Compact, all-in-one sealing system with innovative air-cooled operation.

Stainless steel construction with portable base mounts easily over the conveyor

Sealing head height adjustment from 25mm to 355mm

Sensors for detection and rejection of missing foil


  • Output: Max. 120 bottles per minute depending on the power output and conveyor speed

  • Bottle size ranges: Diameter 30-100mm, Height 40-200mm

  • Cap size ranges: Diameter 20-600mm


Operational Diagram