SZA Sterilization & Depyrogenation Tunnel Series

The tunnel is designed to sterilize & depyrogenis the ampoules by laminar flow of hot air with continuous process- grade A is assured in all tunnel areas above the opening of the ampoules . Ampoules are transported through the pre-heating zone ,heating zone & cooling zone by a  conveyor belt made of stainless steel wire mesh.

Key Features :
  • Scientific calculation (>3 log), modular design and Independent air duct design.
  • Negative pressure sealing for the HEPA.
  • Flexible pressure zone concept for safe processes ( Washing zone < Infeed zone< Heating zone > cooling zone < filling area).
  • Validation ports for filter integrity test, particle counting and air velocity test.
  • Power failure protection:backup power supply switch/ compressed air cooling in the heating zone.
  • Different working modes (Day mode/ night mode).
  • Critical parameters of the process are continuously monitored and printed.
  • Air- cooling type tunnel, no need chilled water.
  • Self- cooling fan motor without extra cooling medium.