Steel Coating

Steel often requires heat treatment to obtain improved properties e.g.Increase hardness or strength, or to neutralise negative effects resulting from previous manufacturing precess e.g. Remove internal stresses generated by fabrication processes.

We are using certain treatment process of all our tool steels. It is very important because if we want to optimum compress performance it depends also treatment quality. The right treatment method for each application is absolutely key to the successful performance of your tablet compression tools.

compound is removed quickly and easily from the die, without sticking. Chromium Nitride, CrN has a metallic silver-like color. CrN is a tough thin film coating with high hardness, good oxidation resistance, and a low coefficient of friction for a ceramic coating making it ideal for metal and plastic forming applications. CrN is also more corrosion resistant than tin especially in aqueous solutions and is used as a direct substitute for chromium plating. The hardness of the CrN coating is approximately 2x that of conventional “hard” chrome plating .There are numbers of hard chromium Solutions for punches and dies to avoid sticking but CrN (Chromium Nitride) is the best solution.

If you order CrN plated punches, you have excellent tool durability and you won’t sticking of pressed compound. We have been coating your punches CrN (Chronium Nitrite) more than a decade by using Arc PVD ( Physical Vapour Deposition ) process is a wear resistant coating. In this method, high purity Cr cathodes vapourised by cathodic-arc and ionized in plasma after that this Cr ions are reacted with %99,999 purity N2 and formed CrN compound which is deposited on the material by applying negative bias voltage. CrN coating has a very high hardness (3000 HV) and very low surface roughness (rs = 0,2 um). The metalic silver color is similar in appearence to polished stainless steel.Also it’s non-toxic so that it isn’t hazardous for human body. Thus, your punches work much more longer and efficiently.

CrN performs well under the high loads experienced in medium and heavy forming of carbon steel, aluminium and copper alloys.CrN also performs well in hot forging and die casting applications where its hot hardness, oxidation resistance, and low thermal conductivity prevent erosion, abrasion, wash out and cold welding.