Tablet Feeding System

TEG provides a free consultation service, Recommendation of the best feeder for your project and Test tubes/tracks and 3D simulations can also be supported.

Onsite test rigs that can accommodate all feeders for testing intermittently or continuous, depending on the end users requirements.

Offering all types of feeding systems depending on the machine and product requirements. TEG supply Dedicated Feeders, Gating Feeders, Universal Feeders, Vibratory feeders and many more.

NG Feeder

Efficient/affordable feeding of solid dose products.

The feeding system plays a key role in the packaging process. It determines the output speed and governs the efficiency of the complete line. The right solution for each and every product is crucial to cost-efficient production.

The NG Feeder can handle the difficult products too!

NG stands for Next Generation Feeder. This feeder is based on our years of complex tablet feeding experience, since the introduction of the EMF1 in 1992. It incorporates the highest level of technology for reliable high volume production as well as many innovations to improve efficiency, ease of use and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

With the NG Feeder the products are placed individually into the formed pockets. It can handle products such as triangular, difficult bi-convex, heart-shaped and irregular shaped products. These would normally be impossible with other feeding systems. The type of forming material is also not a problem as the NG feeder feeds one product precisely each time and eliminates any damage that the weight of products can have on the delicate aluminum.

In addition to TEG’s NG Feeder System, TEG produces feeders for many other types of equipment.